Summoned Souls


. . . A macabre story, involving murder, mayhem, love, and lust, supported by authentic illustrations of the nineteenth-century convict era.

Based on a true story – a young Welsh woman’s trial and conviction leads to a violent cauldron of events. Th is story has all the ingredients of a heart-wrenching gripping journey as you peel the layers back on lives that ended in death and ignominy. In this journey, you will run the gamut of all possible emotions of those who fought insanity to survive in the early 1800s.


May your soul rest in peace, Lucretia. Your pitiful but dramatic story is cast here in perpetuity.


  • Starting around the 1460's in England location Althorp Manor , does that ring a bell ?

  • Tried and convicted transported to NSW the nightmare journey and arrival Port Jackson 

  • A hasty marriage to a ticket of leave man 

  • Located to a land holding Gunning NSW Australia

  • Husband prospers through dubious means

  • The demon drink and isolation becomes a daily occurrence with its ensuing misery 

  • Enter the farm hand

  • Lustful frolickings in the husbands absence 

  • Drink, passion , intrique

  • Horrific axe murder

  • Denial, conviction, sentenced hanged, heads decapitated for scientific research

  • Front page Sydney Morning Herald


The skulls of Lucretia Dunckley, Martin Beech,and John Lynch are still stored in the Anthoropology Departmentin in the Australian Museum Sydney Australia. 




Superlatives for any publication are de rigour for any semblance of commercial success,one often wonders what all the hype was about when the book is finally purchased and read. So rather than start with the predictable hype lets combine the necessary ingredients for what you and I would consider a good book worthy of our attention and must have in our collection. 

Colin Gelling

Curator Berrima Court House NSW Australia 




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Berrima Village  taken early 1800's provided by Berrima Courthouse page page 82.